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Foreign National Mortgages – No US Credit History Mortgage Programs for Non-US Citizens

Foreign national mortgages are loans for non-US citizens and newcomers to buy property in the United States. These mortgages are designed for foreign nationals with limited or no US credit history, providing flexible options for financing a home, vacation home, or investment property.

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Foreign National Mortgage Requirements and Features

At HomeAbroad, we offer two types of foreign national mortgages: Full Documentation loans and Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) loans. Each has unique requirements and features designed to meet the needs of international buyers.

Requirements for Full Documentation Loans
Passport and Visa (Non-residents can qualify without visa) Proof of Income International Credit Report (Credit report from home country) Cash Reserves: 6 to 12 months of mortgage payment cash reserves Down Payment: 20%-30%
Requirements for DSCR Loans
Passport and Visa (Non-residents may qualify without visa) DSCR: 1 or higher Property Income Documents Appraisal: Property Appraisal and 1007 rent schedule Cash Reserves: 6 to 12 months to cover mortgage payments and other related expenses. Down Payment: 20%-30%
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Who Should Consider Foreign National Mortgages?

Foreign national mortgages are designed for a specific group of buyers—those who might face challenges securing traditional US mortgages due to their credit history, citizenship, or residency status. At HomeAbroad, we recommend these mortgage programs for the following individuals:

  • H1B and H1C Visa Holders
  • H-2 to H-4 Visa Holders
  • L-1B, L-2 Visa Holders
  • G1 to G5 Visa Holders
  • F1 Visa Holders
  • E-1, E-2, E-3 Via Holders
  • J 1-2, B1-2, P1-2 Visa Holders
  • TN Visa Holders
  • Non-Resident Foreign Investors

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Foreign National Mortgages: Pros and Cons

Like any financial product, foreign national mortgages come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here's a look to help you make an informed decision.

  • Get a US mortgage without a US credit score.

  • Start building equity without waiting years to build US credit for a mortgage.

  • Only financing option for non-resident investors.

  • Buy primary residence, vacation home, or investment properties.

  • High interest rates compared to conventional mortgages

  • High down payment (20%-30%)

  • Limited lenders, but don't worry—HomeAbroad has you covered.

Why Choose HomeAbroad for Foreign National Mortgages?

When it comes to foreign national mortgages, choosing the right lender can make all the difference. At HomeAbroad, we specialize in providing mortgage solutions for non-US citizens, newcomers, and international investors. Here's why HomeAbroad should be your top choice:

Expertise in Foreign National Mortgages

HomeAbroad is a leader in foreign national mortgages. Our team understands the unique challenges faced by international buyers and has extensive experience in guiding them through the mortgage process.

Concierge Service

Our mortgage specialists provide personalized assistance, helping you navigate the application process, understand requirements, and meet key milestones. From pre-qualification to closing, we're with you every step of the way.

End-to-End Support

HomeAbroad provides end-to-end assistance. Along with our expert mortgage specialists, we provide real estate agents with international expertise. This comprehensive support ensures a seamless home-buying experience.


Hear how HomeAbroad turned dreams into reality.

“HomeAbroad was a game-changer for me. I didn’t know I could get a mortgage as a newcomer, but they helped me get approved. Thanks to them, I now have a home in Charlotte, NC.”

Steve Papadakis

“My wife and I wanted to be closer to our grandkids. HomeAbroad connected us with an amazing agent and offered a US mortgage without US credit. The process was smooth, and the team was there every step of the way.”

Thomas Van Zyl

“I found HomeAbroad while researching investment properties. They connected me with a great agent, and the process to buy in Katy, TX, was smooth and easy. I’d definitely recommend them to any non-US citizen looking to buy in the US.”

Rashmi Mayekar

“I travel between Australia and the US for work, and HomeAbroad helped me get a place in Houston. They gave me a home loan without any US credit history. Great service!”

Chris Envall

“HomeAbroad helped me get my dream home in Seattle. The team was responsive, and the process was smooth. I got my mortgage without any US credit history, and it was easy from start to finish. ”

Miriam Takahashi

“I wasn't sure I could get a mortgage as a non-resident, but HomeAbroad made it happen. They educated me and provided a foreign national mortgage with no US credit. I was able to buy a beautiful vacation home in Miami without any issues. Highly recommend them!”

Carlos Benitez

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Foreign National Mortgages by Location

Wherever you're looking to buy, HomeAbroad has you covered with foreign national mortgages across the United States.

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